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A Special Summer Announcement

I’m super excited for this announcement! Like bursting.

For the past 5 years, Scentsable Health has been a thriving aromatherapy community on Facebook (with over 14K fans!) as well as a small business specializing in handcrafted, safe, aromatherapy products for you and your family.

We added an incredible subscription program called GoodScents about two years ago that ships to your door quarterly with a mental/emotional support blend and educational information.

As a group we have been able to bless others in our community with money to help with their right now needs through Essence of Giving blends and contests. This was a series of blends created often by our community members which was purchased and the profits donated to various families in need in our community. We put money towards service dog trainings, Christmas gifts for children in foster care,

I have blended every single bottle that has left our office from day 1, with my hands. No machinery. No processing. Each one, lovingly poured.

Our kid safe and family friendly products were the first on the market 5 years ago. Safely using essential oils while having products that are full of organic, sustainably grown and harvested ingredients is top priority for me.

Outside of a few Facebook Ads, we have never marketed. We’ve thrived 100% on the word of mouth reviews you all have so lovingly pass on to friends, social media, wellness and mom groups. THANK YOU!

You’ve given me the huge honor of working from my home, so I could be 100% mom to my 3 growing boys too! THANK YOU!

You’ve given me the honor of walking with you in scary learning moments and celebrating as you have success in using aromatherapy products.

Looking over all this fullness I’m excited to announce that Scentsable Health will be going on break this summer! I’m so looking forward to a media free vacation with my family. Space to start a new project that has been on my heart for the past few years. Sunshine by the pool while the boys learn to dive underwater. Room to breathe for a moment, dream and reshape Scentsable Health into a stronger, more streamlined resource for you!

Here are the details:

We will be trying to move out all inventory in May so that product doesn’t sit and isn’t discarded. Part of this break is to evaluate our product line, slim down and be the best we can be at what you love the most. This may mean some products will not return, or will only come in one size as we move forward in efficiency.

Our last order date will be May 31st.

Our last shipping date will be June 1st.

We will reopen on September 4th, 2019.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be pop-up and flash sales throughout the month of May so stay tuned to all our social media outlets. Once we are out of a product, we are out until we re-open in September so while it may be tempting to wait for a better offer, the product may not be there when the offer you want hits! GoodScents will continue with our June shipment uninterrupted. Also a great idea for a little aromatherapy treat to enjoy through the summer! See our sign-up offer for GoodScents for details.

Thank you for supporting all that Scentsable Health has brought to the aromatherapy community the past 5 years and for giving us this time to rest and rejuvenate! We have good things coming!!

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