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Aromatherapy for Focus Needs

Whether it is tax season, mid-terms, a spelling test or a mountain of laundry that needs washed, dried, folded and put away (this is my today reality) using aromatherapy for focus, mental clarity and energy is amazing! This post will showcase some of my tried and true essential oils for this area of mental and emotional support. Like other areas of aromatherapy, there is not a ton of scientific research in this area but lots of anecdotal so I will mark sources where they are available.

Essential Oils for Resolute Focus

Some of my favorite oils for focus are rosemary, peppermint, fennel, cedarwood (particularly cedarwood atlas), vetiver and frankincense. Please note that rosemary, peppermint, fennel and vetiver do have age restrictions for kiddos so refer to the Age Restriction Chart if you are creating your own blend for a young person. These oils seem to really narrow the thoughts and help us overcome a scattered mental state. Rosemary in particular is a great oil for focus AND retention of information. This beautifully, potent oil can also be helpful when you need focus and anxiety is presenting itself as seen in this study. Peppermint and Fennel essential oils can give energized focus and be a great buddy for long (or late night) study sessions. Cedarwood, Vetiver and Frankincense all bring a very, very effective calming focus and steadfastness with them. They are earthy aromas too, so are usually great gender neutral aromas.

I want to take a moment to touch on Lavender. While it can be calming for some, there are people that Lavender is actually stimulating for. Sylla Hanger wrote about this a few years ago. After reading the article in 2014, I started observing who in my private consult clients found Lavender disagreeable, either for calm or sleep. For an overwhelming majority of people who struggle with sensory sensitivities, attention disorders and some on the spectrum, Lavender is an oil I generally avoid. This is not studied, just an observation so if you find yourself or your child in one of those areas, be sure you are in observation mode when using Lavender to see how you respond before depending on it as a calming or sleep oil.

Essential Oils for Clarity in Focus

Oils for mental clarity are top on my list. As a wife, mom, business owner, student, sister, friend…all the hats…I value aromatics that can encourage my mind to stay present and not foggy. Basil, lemon, cardamom, and black pepper are a few. Basil is amazing, kid safe and quickly effective for mental clarity. I love it combined with lemon to freshen my workspace and give me a clear-focused pick-me-up. Cardamom is one of my favorite essential oil smells. Definitely in my top ten. It is greatly effective in clearing the mind and honing in my attention to detail. Black pepper is awesome for sparking some energy, clearing repetitive thoughts and quieting cravings. Each of these oils offer a “refresh” not only to my mind but to my work space too!

Essential Oils for Energy in Focus

The best known essential oils for energizing that we haven’t called out yet in this post are grapefruit, bergamot and sweet orange. They each have a unique take on the energy they bring as well as other components they can offer. Grapefruit for example is not only a great smell that eats at other odors, but it can give you the energizer bunny sort of energy. Almost as powerful as a Quad Grande Americano…almost. Bergamot is my go-to essential oil for those days I need a “re-do” button or my toddler is in a meltdown for the 12th time by 9am. Bergamot can add energy while quieting bad attitudes or feelings of anger. Sweet orange offers a calm to focus that just kinda makes you feel fresh and at home. Get Happy is a expertly blended synergy of many of these great, energizing oils!

Essential Oil Blends for Focus

If picking and choosing from the oils above isn’t a journey you want to take, then ready-made blends are the way to go for you! While it is true, in a pinch I have used FortifyX, I really enjoy the FocusX aromastick when I need to dig in and conquer a project. I might be a tad bias to the Cardamom, but it is a tried and true blend for me. For my kiddos, and many others, Stay Focused is a kid safe roll-on of essential oils combined to quiet nerves, encourage focus and still anxious minds. It makes their feet stand confidently and makes those extra homework nights a breeze instead of a frustration.

Aromatherapy can be such a complimentary practice in supporting your body in focus, clarity and energy!

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