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Aromatherapy Support for Seasonal Allergies

It’s that beautiful season where the grass starts to turn green again, buds show up on the trees and you feel like your nose wants to take over your face. Allergy season. For kids and adults alike, this common issue can present in a variety of expressions from puffy, watery eyes and a stuffy nose to debilitating fatigue, skin conditions and insomnia. There are even some research studies out there on how aromatherapy can support allergies. Let’s take a few minutes to walk through how I handle these real life issues with aromatherapy then I want to introduce you to my new friend!

Ever wake up looking like you clocked 3 days in the ring with a professional boxer? This is a recent picture of my oldest son who developed this puffy eye after enjoying our first warm afternoon in Ohio last week. Here are some things I do to combat this allergy expression.

Shower – after playing outside, take off clothes and wash off in the shower. This will eliminate pollen that may have landed on you. You don’t want to sleep in that stuff!

Puffy Eyes – For the eyes specifically, I’ve found a hydrosol compress to work the best. My three favorite hydrosols for this are calendula, lavender and german chamomile. Spray the hydrosol on the face like you would a toner (with eyes closed please!) and then put the warm compress over the puffy eyes. You can do this multiple times!

Other common expressions of seasonal allergies are congestion, respiratory issues, coughing and runny nose. This are a pain. For kiddos, they can greatly impact sleep and ability to pay attention. Allergies, in our house, have often effected moods too. Sometimes creating higher sensitivities or inclinations to anxiety. One of our most loved Scentsable Health products, Season Switch, seeks to address these needs. A simplistic blend of lemon, blue tansy, siberian fir, Season Switch is a kid safe blend that supports the body with decreasing inflammation, opening congested airways, calming the senses and helping fight those nasty histamines. The lemon can be especially helpful in cutting extra mucus as well. I like to diffuse shortly before bedtime and during the night if needed. You can put 10-12 drops on an aromastick and give your kiddos support they can use on the go or at school!

That leads me to introducing you to my new friend, SeasonsX! For the past 5 years kids and adults alike have gotten great support from Season Switch, but sometimes, adults need a little extra support with oils that have age restrictions for kids. SeasonsX is our new adult (ages 10+) seasonal irritation blend made with Lavender, Rosemary ct cineole, Blue Tansy, Peppermint, Fragonia, and Rhododendron. Let’s take a high level walk through of each of these essential oils and the way they provide support to your body during allergic responses:

Lavender – can ennhance immune function, anti-inflammatory and has histamine fighting power, may help with sleep as well as stress and anxious feelings
Peppermint – supports the body in clearing sinus pressure and congestion, encourages open airways, and can support phlegm reduction, supports elimination of brain fog and encourages clear and alert thinking
Rosemary ct. cineole – supports clear airways and healthy sinuses, high in cineole for respiratory system support but also a reason to avoid using this with kiddos under age 10, aids in brain fog and encourages uplifted, clear thoughts
Blue Tansy – high in the chemical compound chamazulene for anti-inflammatory, calming
Fragonia – sinus discomfort and pressure, clear airways and healthy respiratory support, supports sleep
Rhododendron – can aid in reducing congestion and general discomfort, can help anti-inflammatory responses, great cold/flu support, may be helpful to support the liver due to increased strain during allergy stress, especially helpful if experiencing a dry, unproductive cough.

Since it is part of our LineX products, aromatherapy products made for the 10+ age group, SeasonsX comes with an aromastick so you have relief on the go too! We gave a few of our Facebook Group fans an opportunity to try SeasonsX before it released and here’s what they had to say:

I love using SeasonsX for relief from seasonal allergies! I like the aroma – it still reminds me of Season Switch, which is one of my favorite synergies. The addition of peppermint isn’t overwhelming, but it’s more noticeable to me than the rosemary. I used it in an aromastick and it really helped with my puffy/blurry eyes! I wasn’t expecting that, I was more expecting it to help with irritation in my nose/sinuses, but my eyes carry the brunt of the irritation from allergies so it was a huge relief! I’m definitely going to be keeping the aromasticks ready for my husband and myself and will be diffusing when my son isn’t around 🙂

– Aubree D.

I used the SeasonX a few times a day to help with my nasal congestion and sneezing. Within 4 days my nasal congestion is gone! I’m blown away by how effective this blend is. Not to mention it smells amazing! This will definitely be a blend to continue to use for me. 

– Brittaney D.

I have recently been using Season X. It’s amazing! Every time I have smelled it in the past week I’ve had a huge release of seasonal sinus build up! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it! I could not be more grateful! I highly recommend this blend.

– Heather S.

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