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Scentsable Health B-I-N-G-O!

We wanted to give you more opportunities to save this year during the 25 Days of Christmas, so we created a fun, interactive BINGO card! First, download the PDF Bingo Card or the Mobile Bingo Card. All the instructions are on the bottom of the card in case you forget!

With every purchase during the 25 Days of Christmas, check your BINGO card to see if you can fill any of the squares. The center square with the Scentsable Health icon is your wild spot. You are allowed to fill in multiple squares with a purchase so think of all the areas your product falls into! Let’s walk through a purchase together.

Let’s say my purchase was from Black Friday’s deal which was 10% off all diffusing blends. I bought Chill Out, FortifyX, #BasicFall and DigestX. Not only did I save 10% on these expertly blended synergies, but that single purchase filled my card this much:

It is that easy.  I would only need to purchase a Gift Card Code (which is on sale 12/13 for the 25 Days of Christmas!) and I could call out BINGO! Once your card has a BINGO (5 covered squares in any direction), take a screen shot of your filled card and post it on Facebook or Instagram tagging us @ScentsableHealth AND tagging your card image #SHBINGO on either social media outlet. This is how we will know you’ve called “BINGO!” and we can send you your unique code for $5 off your first purchase in 2019! Enjoy!




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