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All You Need in the Essential 7 Collection

It is easy after you settle into working with essential oils or using aromatherapy products to put some oils or blends into boxes and not consider the breadth of their applications. So today we are going to unbox one of Scentsable Health’s wallflower, powerhouse collections the Essential 7. Let’s go through each pre-diluted roll-on blend […]

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Celebrating Your Steps

Celebrating is rarely something we do half-hearted. You either celebrate well or likely don’t celebrate at all. I fell into the latter camp and let me tell you, seeing that reality last year was a tough pill to swallow. I didn’t mean to not celebrate well, but much of how we celebrate is a learned lifestyle. […]

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Intention Check Points

When I first started approaching things in my life with this process, setting my why and nailing down the how, I was amazed at how achievable things became. Dreams became tangible. I wasn’t daunted by endless to dos keeping me stuck in dream land where anything is possible…I started living these things in real life! […]

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The Brand Debate: Company

Here we are, the final post in the series meant to help you choose the right essential oil company for your family! Let’s talk about some qualities you should consider in terms of the company from which you are purchasing.     Does the company only sell essential oils, hydrosols, and solvents? Do they sell […]

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