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Intentions Challenge 2019

Hi, my name is Shannon Dennis and I’m a serial dreamer. I’ve waded through enough tips and tools, gadgets, planners, declarations and “imma gunnas” to know one thing makes a difference on whether what I set out to do on any given day will actually come to pass…or just be another puffy animal shape in the sky. Grab two sheets of blank paper, a pen/pencil and let’s get started with our first prompt!

Intention Challenge Prompt:

What is my why?

Over thinkers, don’t leave me yet! Stop right now and put a few drops of Chill Out in the diffuser. Setting intentions shouldn’t lead to stress. If you’re like me, and you feel yourself start listing 3,984,483 whys do a quick brain dump exercise (use one of your blank sheets of paper!) and get it all out. Overthinking is great internal dialogue so don’t waste that brain power. Unleash it and then get back to business.

So let’s walk through this intention setting thing together.

First, pick a dream/task/desire/goal/resolution/anti-resolution or hey, let’s be real, maybe it is just getting those 5 baskets of laundry folded and put away in drawers 1x a week. Experts advise that we can optimally manage 3-5 goals at a time. I try to keep mine at 3 since I have quite a few plates to keep in the air. If this still feels too big, pick an area of your life you want to see growth in, and 3-5 ways you want to hold yourself to achieving that growth. Here is a personal finance example. Goals: I want to save $500 this year. I want to decrease my debt by $1000.

Next, ask yourself why this is important in your life right now. We all have finite time and energy in our day and have the great weight and honor of designating how those 24 hours are spent. Why does this dream/task/desire/goal/resolution/anti-resolution get a spotlight right now? (Over friends who just froze or are experiencing a racing heartbeat, grab your Be Present and give it a good roll on or maybe a quick stop with the FocusX Aromastick) Once I write my goals down, then I can ask my why and also write that down on my blank paper. My why might be to “achieve financial freedom and increase personal power in my finances” or maybe it is “grow in self-control”. The why could also feed into long-term goal like “going to Italy on a debt-free 10 anniversary trip”.

That’s it for today. Breathe. You did it. We will continue with this theme next week, but for the next 7 days, read over your dream/task/desire/goal/resolution/anti-resolution and keep asking your why. It would encourage me so much to hear from you all too (since one of my business goals is more contact with you by blogging!) so please, share your journey, hang-ups or questions with me here on the blog, in our group, the business page or even on Instagram. Keep setting your intentions. If I’ve learned anything as a mom, business owner, friend, wife, (insert all the hats here), it is this: Intention delivers your drive.

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Shout out to the talented Anita Louise Photography for capturing these stellar product images!

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  • Lucy Snook ,

    Oh golly, considering I may be taking on a new job, along side my own business, kids, a traveling hubby, and medically challenged kiddo, the brain is so full. This will be such a good exercise! Which one for not freaking out again? ??

    Thanks Shannon!

    • Angela ,

      So excited for this ♡ thank you for inspiring!! Sending you and your family lots of love and success for 2019

      • Shannon ,

        Thank you friend! I’m excited to be reaching my goal of writing this year and happy to share the journey! Love and prosperity to you and yours as well <3

    • Shannon ,

      All the oils for not freaking out! HAHAHA! Mainly No Fret or Peace are my go-to blends (see my dentist post from yesterday) when I need a little chill out help. This sounds like a post that is right on time for you. Stepping into these new roles and maintaining your current ones will require intention. I know you can do it and SHINE!

  • Sara M ,

    I’ve had the word ‘simplify’ as my main focus lately. With 5 kiddos age 10 and under combined with homeschooling, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time, hands, energy, etc. I really want to be able to spend quality time with my kids, not rush around trying to ‘catch up’ all the time…or sit too exhausted on the couch to do anything.

    • Shannon ,

      Sara I hear this. I often feel in that exact place. Moms in particular never seem to have enough hours in the day. Using this process to set intentions to reach my goals really, really helped me and is something I come back to when I feel anxious, overwhelmed and frozen in deciding things. When I remember my why, my YES usually becomes SUPER clear. I know you can do this momma and excited to support you in the process! Thank you for taking the time to read this and see where it fits for you <3

  • Aubree ,

    I’m so excited for this! My focus for last week (I use a passion planner) was “set intentions” … and it didn’t happen. I’m going to do this to’orrow during my lunch at work!

    • Shannon ,

      Ooooh! Yes! Set them, friend! Can’t wait to hear about them and see you move into growth this year <3

  • Rachael Erway ,

    This is great, Shannon! And as an over thinker, I love that you didn’t count me out at the first panic attack and guided me through the rest. And 3 goals sounds manageable, so now to narrow down which I want most.

    • Shannon ,

      Thank you Rachael! Friend, I’ve got you on the over thinking. We can do this! Can’t wait to hear about your goals and watch you move into them!

  • Heather Peterson ,

    Thank you for this! I needed it. My goals for this year are to get organized (which I’m already making good progress on!!), open up my own business (a paleo bakery) and figure out homeschooling so that I can start homeschooling my daughter in the fall.

    • Shannon ,

      Wow! Those are amazing goals. I can’t wait for your bakery (I’m a paleo lover) and was homeschooled as a child. Be sure to check out next week’s post for some simplifying steps in organization and process that were a HUGE help to me last year. You’re DOING it and I’m so excited for you!

  • Tabitha ,

    My goals for this year all revolve around improvement: improve my own health and wellness (exercise, eat better, lose some weight); improve the organizational flow of our home (a little overwhelming at the moment, to be honest); improve how I care for my kids and their hearts (should probably include my husband’s heart in this one too). I’m also thinking about that subscription box you’re offering – I think better and more consistent utilization of some of your blends could help me with all of these intentions!

    • Shannon ,

      I love this comment. Improve is such a beautiful word. You’re not caged by perfection, just pushing forward to gain ground in these areas. LOVE IT! You should totally think about GoodScents. We have a great offer for it coming in February…maybe nudge hubby for a Valentines Day gift that will remind you of his love all year around!

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