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Loving Well

One of the biggest journeys I’ve been on in my life is learning to love well. We can do things toward others that is loving in our eyes, but feels intrusive or uncomfortable to the receiver, or it may never even get on their radar. My quest for understanding all things love will never end, but as we draw near to another remembering holiday, this felt like a topic I wanted to share on.

As an adult I’ve seen that loving people, in the way they receive love, is the best way to love well. I’ve made it my secret mission to learn how each person I encounter receives love. Sometimes I need to outright ask,”How can I love you best?” Other times, it is easy to see a warm hug or a pack of their favorite gum is a love tank deposit. I do this with my husband, my kids, my friends, and even with people I’ve just met! It’s an easy way to let people know they are loved and seen. If you have never heard of this, check out the 5 Love Languages and take the test! Have the important people in your life take it too. You’ll never guess again how to let them know how they are loved.

So as we move into Mother’s Day, I’m very aware it can have mixed emotions. Some have mothers who are now like sister/friends. Some have lost their mom. Some never knew their mom. Some would rather not have known her. There can be guilt, shame, grief, anger and all other sorts of emotions that boil to the surface when society focuses on one type of relationship in our lives. I want to express that this post isn’t meant to make whatever you’re feeling more intense.

To those who have lost their mom, we grieve with you.

To those who never knew their mom, we grieve with you.

To those who wish they didn’t know her, we speak peace to you.

To those who have all that a mother can be in your life, we celebrate with you.

On our way to loving well, I wanted to inspire you to think of the women (or mother) in your life who have filled the spaces of mothering. Who has nutured you? Who has encouraged you in your career? Who delivered a pot of soup on a bad day? Who is the first person you call when you are excited? There are many people who can help “mother” our hearts and minds in life, so let’s celebrate them! With the concept of the 5 Love Languages in mind, here are some ways to love these moms in your life this Mother’s Day!

Words of Affirmation
Create a playlist or go old school and do a mixed CD of songs that she will enjoy, that tell the story of your relationship or that celebrate who she is to you. Combine this with the Peace roll on to add some relaxation to her life!

Quality Time
This use to be the hardest love language for me to give into, being an introvert, but I’ve learned that quality time doesn’t just mean actual face to face time. It has a broader meaning of being interested and being attentive to things that make them come alive too! This year, to celebrate a quality time love take a hike with them and don’t forget to avoid the buzzing pests with a Great Outdoors DIY Kit as a gift!

Physical Touch
These love language people are easy to pour into! Remember that just because someone has a physical touch love language, doesn’t mean they enjoy all touch. Ask permission! A gift certificate for a massage is LOVELY for these people. I enjoy giving them Red Tent Body or Good Game Massage blends to take with them into their massage so they reap all the benefits of touch and body care!

Acts of Service
Loving on an acts of service friend can be as easy as dropping off a coffee or taking over their chores for the day. Acts of service value time as well so try making Baking Soda air fresheners with Smells Fresh.

Giving to a gifts friend is so fun! They love things that show you’ve taken time to know them. Is their favorite color pink and they love to keep track of their to-dos? Fun pink post it notes with a cute dispenser and a colorful pen! You can also take a peek at their Wish List on and grab them some surprises!

When it is all said and done, making those who have poured into your life feel known, appreciated, honored and loved is the best way to love!

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