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Scentsable Health Dude Product Line

Today we are going to do a little product highlight on one of our most loved lines, The Dude Collection. A lot of love went into this line and it has been a collection that has evolved over time. Let’s take a look at this line and how it loves on our dudes!

The Bearded Man’s Beard Oil is FABULOUS. Perfect for increasing the softness of your beard, this blend comes in skin and hair nourishing carrier oils that hold our DUDE blend of essential oils…not too woodsy, not too sweet. The carrier oils are a tried and true balance of organic Argan, Jojoba, Apricot, Avocado, Vitamin E and Grapeseed Oils and the dilution of the essential oils is very low, so the aroma isn’t overpowering.

Sticking with our bearded love, the Bearded Man’s Balm is the bomb. Seriously. Our guys who use this ditch everything else. It is a expert blend of organic Argan, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Apricot carrier oils as well as organic Shea and Avocado butters which make this a texturizing balm to die for. Add nourishment to your beard, the skin underneath AND keep all those hairs in place! The balm is also lightly scented with our DUDE blend.

So let’s explore this DUDE Blend a bit. A blend of organic sweet orange, white pine, cedarwood, vintage patchouli and blue tansy, in a 10% perfume dilution of carrier oil. I picked these essential oils for a few reasons. First, the pine and cedarwood are strong, earthy oils that hold a lot of masculinity. While patchouli isn’t an aroma that everyone likes, it is very light in this blend due to the lengthy aged patchouli I purchased for it. Vintage patchouli is sweeter and lighter, less earthy and more palatable for most people than newly distilled which has a more earthy/moldy aroma that deters some. I used sweet orange and blue tansy to sweeten and lighten the overall aroma. This blend is also amazing for emotional support in things like confidence, courage, anxiety, depressive feelings, finding your voice and public speaking…so you might find yourself using it as well!

Our last product in The Dude Collection is the Shavin’ Man’s Spray. It is a fun skin care product for those who shave completely or for those bearded guys who shave sections. It is scented with sweet orange and sandalwood in a based of properly preserved organic witch hazel, aloe, and argan oil. A few spritz and you’re good to go! Store this in the fridge for a cooling experience and to help the blend stay in more consistent temperatures.

If you’re interested in any of these products, especially for Father’s Day gifts, grab them now before we close for the summer on June 1st!

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