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Seasons Advanced Synergy


Seasons Advanced is an expertly blended synergy of Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Fragonia, Blue Tansy and Rhododendron that brings your body the support it needs during allergy season. A blend for our 10+ crowd, these essential oils combine to offer support for clear respiratory passages, brain fog elimination, puffy eye reduction and soothing aromatics to calm anxious or sad feelings that often follow season changes.

As part of the Advanced family, this blend automatically comes with an aromastick (color may vary) that will give you use on-the-go!
If you need seasonal irritation support for children under 10 or during pregnancy, Season Switch! Same stellar support with age/condition restricted essential oils.

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5ml amber European dropper bottle

*This blend is for ages 10+*

3 reviews for Seasons Advanced Synergy

  1. Aubree Doohan

    I love using Seasons Advanced for relief from seasonal allergies! I like the aroma – it still reminds me of Season Switch, which is one of my favorite synergies. The addition of peppermint isn’t overwhelming, but it’s more noticeable to me than the rosemary. I used it in an aromastick and it really helped with my puffy/blurry eyes! I wasn’t expecting that, I was more expecting it to help with irritation in my nose/sinuses, but my eyes carry the brunt of the irritation from allergies so it was a huge relief! I’m definitely going to be keeping the aromasticks ready for my husband and myself and will be diffusing when my son isn’t around 🙂 – Aubree D.

  2. Brittaney Dean

    I used the Season Advanced a few times a day to help with my nasal congestion and sneezing. Within 4 days my nasal congestion is gone! I’m blown away by how effective this blend is. Not to mention it smells amazing! This will definitely be a blend to continue to use for me. – Brittaney D.

  3. Heather Savage

    I have recently been using Season Advanced. It’s amazing! Every time I have smelled it in the past week I’ve had a huge release of seasonal sinus build up! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it! I could not be more grateful! I highly recommend this blend. – Heather S.

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