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Sugar Plum Fairy Synergy


This combination captured my heart this year! Maybe it is because I was a dancer for most of my life and have always dreamed of the Sugar Plum Fairy part of The Nutcracker or maybe it is because this blend is a delightful balance of sweet and spicy, which is not always easy to achieve in aromatics. Sugar Plum Fairy is a blend to invoke creativity, joy and belonging. It is a strong digestive, respiratory and immune system support combination too. Expertly blended Cardamom, Vetiver, Black Spruce, Cedarwood, Orange and just a touch of Vanilla CO2. So much emotional support and body system encouragement in such a sweet punch!

This is a part of our Essence of Giving Winter 2019 Collection and is available in the Winter 2019 Set of 4. A portion of the profits from these blends is going to Heritage Middle School, a local area school basketball team, to help them raise $4,700 for jerseys for their team. My friend, En’Ante Pearl is heading this effort up at his childhood middle school. Here is a little of his incredible story.

Heritage Middle School is where my life changed for the better and it has always had special place in my heart. I was in foster care in East Cleveland and my foster parents were very involved with my education and getting me involved whether it was sports, the arts or even serving in church I was doing something to stay out of trouble. From the coaches I learned hard work and dedication. From the teachers I learn how to buckle down and focus on my school work. The reason I want to give back to the students is because basketball was the sport that lead me to the place I’m at now in life and I want to let the students know in a small way I believe in them and to take Pride in the school that they are in and support each other each game. The Cardinal up shirt and the idea behind it is to support one another and cheer each other on. Just like my friends did for me so long ago. The money will be for basketball Jerseys and for Cardinal Up jerseys that will be given to each student as well. That is the focus of this as well.

You can follow his company Relentless Faith Fitness and read more about this incredible endeavor here. Let’s help them outfit their local team this year!!

Get the blends while you can as they as will only be available until 2/28/20!

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5mL amber european dropper bottle



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