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Cover Your Nose Kit

Your choice of 1 diffuser or nebulizer,  1 Immune system blend, and 1 Decongestant blend.

Choose between the SpaVapor 2.0 diffuser, Jasmine diffuser, or Elegant Nebulizer:

SpaVapor 2.0 – Amazing ultrasonic technology gently diffuses your essential oils into the air for optimum distribution. Featuring new timer settings – 1hr, 2hr, 3 hrs, constant; and new Intermittent settings  –  3 seconds on 3 second off. With an 8 hour running time, 400 square foot diffusing area.

Jasmine Ultrasonic Diffuser (white color) – You can run Jasmine in a 10 minutes on 20 minutes off interval setting (aligns with safe use!) or on a continuous setting to  diffuse your favorite essential oil aroma! With 21 hours of diffusing time – with only one tank filling – quiet with a beautiful, sleek design.

Elegant Nebulizer (Dark Wood color)- Produce a powerful and immediate aroma effect without heat or water. The core component is made of glass and the “vase” is held by a wood base.

Choose between Immune System Blends Germ Gobbler Complete, Fortify or the new FortifyX:

Germ Gobbler Complete: Everything you love about this kid safe, anti-germ blend…but undiluted! This carefully crafted blend of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis ), Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica) is now ready for any diffuser.

Fortify:  a powerhouse immune system support blend of Thyme ct linalol (Thymus vulgaris ct linalol), Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martini var. motia) and Frankincense (Boswellia carterii).

FortifyX – Do you love our kid safe, anti-germ, boost your immune system blend Fortify? Then you will LOVE FortifyX. Get an extra kick in the pants with the addition of Peppermint. Rosemary ct. camphor will offer extra immune support while keeping your mind clear and alert. These specifically chosen Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils are are expertly nestled in our unique blend of Thyme ct. linalool, Palmarosa, Frankincense and Scotch Pine. Fortify your defense against that “coming down with something” while boosting energy and mental alertness!

Choose between Decongestant Blends Stuffed Up, the new Boogie Buster or the New BreatheX :

Stuffed Up –  a decongesting blend safe for your whole family while supporting open airways. An expertly formulated synergy of Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia), Cinnamon Leaf (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), Siberian Fir (Abies sibirica), and Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) essential oils make this blend a must have for the winter season. Smells delightful too!

The new Boogie Buster Blend – an expert blend of Rosalina, Palmarosa, Sweet Marjoram, Spearmint, Thyme ct. linool and just a touch of Fragonia. You’ll love this beautiful blend safe in a diffuser for 3mo and above. **Available for a limited time**

BreatheX – If your respiratory system needs a super helping hand without an abrasive aroma then BreatheX is for you. An aromatically beautiful concoction of Eucalyptus globulus (crude), Ravintsara, Manuka, Saro, Honey Myrtle and Niaouli you may just want BreatheX around to enjoy aromatically!



Fortify Blend: 15ml amber glass european dropper bottle.

Germ Gobbler Complete: 15ml amber glass european dropper bottle.

Stuffed up:  5mL glass amber European dropper

Boogie Buster: 15ml amber glass european dropper bottle

BreatheX: 5mL Amber European Dropper Bottle

FortifyX: 5mL Amber European Dropper Bottle

These are undiluted bottles of oils. Dilute before applying topically (no greater than 2%). Best used in a diffuser or nebulizer to support the respiratory system.

For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool dark place when not in use.

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SpaVapor 2.0, Fortify, Stuffed Up, SpaVapor 2.0, Fortify, Boogie Buster, SpaVapor 2.0 Fortify BreatheX, SpaVapor 2.0, Germ Gobbler Complete, Stuffed Up, SpaVapor 2.0, Germ Gobbler Complete, Boogie Buster, SpaVapor 2.0 Germ Gobbler Complete BreatheX, SpaVapor2.0, FortifyX, Stuffed Up, SpaVapor 2.0, FortifyX, Boogie Buster, SpaVapor 2.0, FortifyX, BreatheX, Jasmine, Fortify, Stuffed Up, Jasmine, Fortify, Boogie Buster, Jasmine, Fortify, BreatheX, Jasmine, Germ Gobbler Complete, Stuffed Up, Jasmine, Germ Gobbler Complete, Boogie Buster, Jasmine, Germ Gobbler Complete, BreatheX, Jasmine, FortifyX, Stuffed up, Jasmine, FortifyX, Boogie Buster, Jasmine, FortifyX, BreatheX, Nebulizer, Fortify, Stuffed Up, Nebulizer, Fortify, Boogie Buster, Nebulizer, Fortify, BreatheX, Nebulizer, Germ Gobbler Complete, Stuffed Up, Nebulizer, Germ Gobbler Complete, Boogie Buster, Nebulizer, Germ Gobbler Complete, BreatheX, Nebulizer, FortifyX, Stuffed up, Nebulizer, FortifyX, Boogie Buster, Nebulizer, FortifyX, BreatheX


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