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Enneagram Type Synergies – Growth


With training, certification, and practical application expertise in both aromatherapy and now in the Enneagram, Scentsable Health is releasing the industry’s first essential oil blends for each Enneagram type! Through the study of each type, cultivating the aromatics and intention of each blend, refining it based on testing and feedback from each type, these blends will help you thrive in your growth path while supporting your core motivations. Simply put, these blends are ones to help lift you into thriving on your growth path! Choose your type, your type & wing, or your tri-type for more encompassing support. Don’t know what any of this is about? Check out Shannon’s introductory coaching offer and snag one of the last spots for special coaching pricing AND your tri-type trio for free! Each blend comes with a laminated Use & Idea card of how to get the most out of your Enneagram Type Synergy.

Enneagram One – (LEMON, ROSEMARY, MELISSA, PINE, ROMAN CHAMOMILE) Helps you toward being more of the supportive, compassionate and forgiving person you are while giving your inner critic a place in your mind that limits your exhaustion and striving toward perfection.

Enneagram Two – (NEROLI, ROMAN CHAMOMILE, ROSE, GRAPEFRUIT, HELICHRYSUM, JUNIPER BERRY) Encourages your humble, giving awesomeness to come from a place of truly knowing you are loved while squashing those repressive and striving tendencies.

Enneagram Three – (SANDALWOOD, VETIVER, CEDARWOOD, YLANG YLANG, MANDARIN, LAVENDER) Helps open your heart to being powerfully authentic and lifting others up while tearing down the barriers that limit you truly being seen.

Enneagram Four – (NEROLI, GINGER, MANDARIN, FRANKINCENSE, CEDARWOOD) Feelings of isolation and sadness give way to the creative, authentic visionary you hold inside.

Enneagram Five – (CEDARWOOD, LEMON, BERGAMOT, PETITGRAIN, CORIANDER) The treasure of expertise inside you will be a gift of vision and collaboration to others while squashing the desire to withdraw and reserve.

Enneagram Six – (SANDALWOOD, LAVENDER, EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA, YLANG YLANG, PATCHOULI) Supports your desire to trust and feel secure giving you space to sort out your worries with power and a plan.

Enneagram Seven – (VETIVER, PINE, EUCALYPTUS CITRODORA, GERANIUM, BLOOD ORANGE, YLANG YLANG) Channel your imagination into discovery, creativity, and enjoying the present.

Enneagram Eight – (YLANG YLANG, SANDALWOOD, BERGAMOT, CORIANDER, LEMON) Release the protective passion you were born with while safely exploring vulnerability with yourself and others.

Enneagram Nine – (CARDAMOM. CORIANDER, GRAPEFRUIT, YLANG YLANG, PINE) Encourages you to release the passion in you with boldness while overcoming the desire to hide what you carry.




10 mL frosted glass roll-on

real bamboo lid

3% dilution

Additional information

Enneagram Synergy

Type One, Type Two, Type Three, Type Four, Type Five, Type Six, Type Seven, Type Eight, Type Nine


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