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The Brand Debate: Products & Testing



Which brand of essential oils to buy is by far one of the most asked questions in the Scentsable Health Facebook Group! It would be so easy for me to give my opinion and tell people which brands to buy, but in the end that brand may not only be the wrong one for them but may also stunt their personal need to research and own their choice of brands! So here is a three part blog series on how to pick the right brand for you and your family. It is a bunch of questions to ask yourself and the company you purchase from that will help you determine the ‘best’ essential oil distributors.


So let’s talk about the fun point first, the product! You are clearly passionate about using essential oils so the purity of the product is going to be important to you. No one likes buying a product that is marketed for less than what it really is. How does the company ensure the purity? Do they have trackable information or are you asked to take their word for it? Does the company not talk about the purity of their products at all? Are the batches of essential oils they pour from small (ensuring consistency and not mixing of different types of the same oil) or from large batches where oils from different distillers may be poured all together then bottled leaving you with many different compound levels and variables? If organic, wildcrafted and unsprayed are important parts of your day to day life are they important to you for your essential oil purchases? How does the company verify their oils are organic?


What do other people say about their products? Almost more importantly, what do aromatherapists say about the company’s product? Gathering outside reviews can be extremely helpful but I would encourage you to not base your decision solely on someone else’s experience!



You would be surprised how many companies are eliminated just on packaging! Essential oils should be stored in glass bottles (amber or colored are preferred) and in a temperature monitored atmosphere to prevent oxidization. Last, and most important for packaging, can you, the consumer, easily verify the distillation date of the oil you have purchased? This is important because it will help determine the shelf life of your essential oil allowing you to know when the possibility of oxidization has happened.

Ready to discuss Labeling and Pricing? Let’s go!

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