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Tips on Making Memories

I’m starting to get really excited as we are just a few days away from the Scentsable Health summer vacay! I’m excited to make memories with my kids, get some rest and reorganize my business, heart and mind a tad! Memories have been on my heart for a little while now. From photos to videos to mental memories, how do I hold each, care for them and pass them on? I’d love to hear how your family does this so please comment with more sources you love! Here are some that I’m going after.

I’m what they would call a “picture hoarder”. I love attempting to capture the moment, the picture may or may not be usable, then I forget it is there after a while. This is the worst for me on my phone and one of the areas I’m looking to simplify. This is a great article with sources and ideas that are going to help me slim down my collection, organize them and know where different photos are!

Photo Books are where I’m headed. I have so many folders and files of digital pictures…they need to journey somewhere I can enjoy them. My goal for the summer is to create years pregnancy through 5 years for each kiddo. That’s 5 books each. That should take all summer. *insert nervous laughing* A few options I’m looking at are Artifact Uprising, Shutterfly, Mixbook and Chatbooks.

So what does this all have to do with essential oils and how do aromatics play a part in memories? Smells have been shown over and over to have a special place connecting and reviving memories. This can be an amazing tool when the smell of fresh strawberries triggers a memory of grandma’s epic strawberry shortcake. It can be as equally traumatic if an aroma triggers trauma or abusive experiences. So this month, as you have the extra space that summer offers to build memories, pay close attention to how you are engaging all your senses. The sun on your skin, the Great Outdoors Spray protecting your family from buzzing, biting pests, the perfectly grilled corn, the water balloon fights, the wedding song…absorb it all, friends!

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