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Top 10 of 2019

It’s that time again! We are so excited to share our Top 10 of 2019. These are the Scentsable Health handcrafted, organic, aromatherapy products that you guys just can not live without…and we couldn’t agree more.

Great Outdoors Spray is a family safe body spray that helps those buzzing outdoor pests from wanting to nibble on you for dinner. It will be back in stock late spring 2020.

Germ Gobbler Synergy One of our Scentsable Health foundational blends that supports your immune system and smells AH-mazing. It is safe to diffuse for the entire family.

Breathin’ Helper  is our favorite must have to support the respiratory system against clogs. It is a 100% organic soft salve that slides on with ease and is safe for 6 months and up.

GoodScents Subscription we were so excited to see the GoodScents Aromatherapy Subscription Box make it into our Top 10 this year! It is a quarterly box that contains a unique synergy in a 5mL bottle. While all the GoodScents blends obviously support your body systems, the blending intention is directed toward mental & emotional support.

Stuffed Up Synergy a aromatically delightful way to support a very upset respiratory system. This is a diffuser safe blend for the whole family 6 months and up.

Mr. Sandman shhhhhhh…..we’re sleeping….

Lil Teeth this roll-on should be at every baby shower until the end of time! An expert blend of hydrosols, it is safe from 3 months and up.

Power Pack Kids we revamped this best selling kit this summer and released the new version when we re-opened in September. It quickly became a Top 10 of 2019 and has raving reviews!

Chill Out Synergy Keep your chill on all the time. Kid safe and enjoyed by all who use it as a way to lean back and be positive.

Boogie Buster another one of our respiratory support, family safe must haves. While supporting easy breathing, it also supports a good night’s rest.


Now through 2/28/2020, use the code TOP2019 for 10% off any of these

Scentsable Health must-haves!


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